Build Snipes

UpdatedTuesday March 6, 2018 byJim Dunn.


We Need YOU!

The LMT Board of Supervisors needs to hear from all community members who are supportive of the development of the Snipes tract of land as a multi-use athletic park. 

To that end, we are asking all sports-minded families that are LMT residents to attend an upcoming LMT Board of Supervisors (BOS) monthly meeting.  While you are encouraged to voice your support during the Public Comments portion of the meeting, that is not a requirement.  Just your physical presence at the meeting can and will make a huge difference.  

Consider this... who better to voice their support than our children?  If it is too late for them to attend the meeting, perhaps you could have them write a letter to the BOS and read it during the Public Comments portion.  

For more information on this project and to get the facts, visit any or all of the following sites:

Thank you in advance for your support!

From the united community sports organizations of YMS, LMFA, LBLL and PAA